Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Darkest hours

As I sat in quiet contemplation this morning, I thought of the times in my past when the world seemed dark and there was nothing to hold on to and nothing to believe in. I know that some who read my words are in this same place, desperately reaching out for something to believe in and to help them through. I also know there are others who read this who have not been to this place and find it difficult to understand in others.

The one thing I could hold on to in those darkest hours was the beauty of the world around me. Light on the trees, the sound of a waterfall, bird song and other magnificent and beautiful things like this. Even as I had turned my back on all the things I knew about the divine, I could still see a divine hand in the beauty surrounding me even though this was an unconscious thought.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are surrounded, loved and protected by the divine; it is difficult too to accept that the choice of love and happiness is our own and its absence is not a punishment for something we may or may not have done. Yet it is always possible to see beauty, even if we deny its existence.

If you feel as though there is no hope, no light and no divine team protecting you, the great thing is that it is true none the less and the team is just waiting for you to reconnect if and when you choose to. If you can believe in nothing else, believe in the beauty that surrounds you, spend time in nature and love the creation for the magical thing that it is. If you cannot accept that there are angels guiding your steps and assisting you, then see the amazing moments of unexplained happiness and the random kindness of others that can occur even in the darkest hour, and be grateful.

The most powerful tool we can give to ourselves is hope. Search inside yourself and find hope, even if that hope is just for a moment without struggle or for the day to be bright and sunny. With each small hope, your strength will build and the darkness recede. I can promise you this is true, for it was through hope, through gratitude and through love that I made my way from my darkest hour back to the path of my journey and true life's purpose.

Have hope

With love and light

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  1. thank you i really needed this today.