Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Access your gifts

I really believe it is important to be wary of putting other people on a pedestal in terms of your own spiritual growth and learning. It is great that we can all learn and grow with each other and in some ways help each other to grow!!! However, I have noticed the tendency in myself once or twice, to assign value to knowledge as in those who have it, and those who don't. (What a silly thing to do *wry grin*) What this means for me then, is that i place my learning and my pathway in the hands of another for a short time, and this has some shortcomings.

We all have, encoded within us, all the knowledge we need to be our perfect and divinely inspired selves. Sometimes, a person comes along who can facilitate, accelerate or begin a change in our thinking and our growth. They may inspire us and tell us exactly what we need to hear in a given moment which then helps us to move forward etc. this does not mean though, that they are in any way, shape or form "better".

The process for me has been such that, at certain times, when I have felt a little bit stuck or scrabbling for my next step,someone has come forward to light the way a little. This person may say or do something that HELPS me to access the knowledge I have within me already; helps me to remember what I already know. This person then is a facilitator and guide and I am very grateful and humbled by the gift those people have given me as they float in and out of my life. The mistake I have sometimes made, is to think they know more than me and that I must blindly follow the path on which they lead me in order to be as knowledgeable as them.

This is really not the case.

I sincerely hope, that as you read my daily posts, that in some small way I am able to assist you in accessing your own knowledge and empower you to look within for the information you already know. You are the expert in you and no one knows the path you "should" take or the healing you need, nor the actions and goals that suit you best, better than you. I certainly don't presume to know. I know that there will be times over the last two hundred odd postings I have written her,e that you may have disagreed with what I have said, that you may find the information I have delivered doesn't fit right with you...that's excellent, because it means you are accessing your own knowledge and exercising your right to choose the path that suits you best.

I guess what I am  trying to say is that we each of us know, feel and intuit what tools we need, what path we take, and what system of belief fits us best. No one knows that better than you and while you may have assistance from others who facilitate your journey, you are still the reigning authority. No one has the right to judge nor to direct you to do something or believe something that does not fit to your plan. With gratitude and humility, take the offered assistance, however I would council avoiding placing anyone above you in terms of your own journey and growth.

Within you is the confidence and ability to shine your light on the world, and quite frankly, the world needs you as you, not a carbon copy of someone else. Your opinion is valued, you are unique and special and your journey is your own.

With love and light

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