Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sprinkle a little Faery Dust Day

Yesterday I received the message that a really good way to focus our intentions on a positive and loving environment would be to create a festival type event and invite everyone to join in. So, "Sprinkle a little Faery Dust day" was born *smile* The basic premise for this day is kindness and generosity. It is a fantastic festival, because it will happen all over the world simultaneously giving forth a huge burst of loving energy that can't help to transform all involved.

My vision for this festival is for each person to spend an entire day focused on kindness, generosity and love by committing themselves to random acts of kindness for the day. With so many of us acting from our heart and reaching out to others, we are bound to create a veritable hurricane of love and light energy that will brighten the world.

Today then, I thought I might begin with a list of ideas that could help out if you're stuck for something to do. Remember this is not about spending money or putting on a show, this is about genuine and loving displays of caring and kindness. This list is not exhaustive and definitely reflects my personality (in other words, these are things I am comfortable and happy to do) so be selective, choose what's right for you and make up your own list as well.

My goal? I am aiming for at LEAST 100 acts of kindness for the day. Does this seem like a tall order??? Wait till you see how easy it can be.

Faery Dust Sprinkling suggestions:

1. Send a hand written letter to a friend.
2. Give out free hugs to friends and family (real ones, not lean in and pat on the back ones *smile*)
3. Donate some time to a charitable organisation eg help out in a soup kitchen, library, pick up litter etc
4. Smile at everyone you see
5. Leave a positive note of encouragement anonymously for someone
6. Plant a tree
7. Take the time to stop and really listen to someone who needs it (not just waiting for your turn to talk)
8. Small courtesies like holding the door open for someone with their arms full.
9. Write a love letter to your partner.
10. Take your friends on a surprise picnic in your lunch break
11. Offer sincere and genuine compliments either in writing or verbally
12 send a funny email to make people laugh
13. Make a faery picture (cutting and pasting and colouring is FUN) and pass it on to someone with the instructions that they pass it to another and then another etc
14. Get some confetti or glitter and ACTUALLY sprinkle it around to make people laugh and play (with respect of course)
15. gather a heap of small pieces of paper and ask everyone to write positive comments on them for someone who's feeling a bit down then wrap them up with a pretty bow and deliver them with a hug.
16. A "secret faery" event (like secret Santa where everyone picks a name out of a hat to do something nice for on the day)
17. Positive pockets; each person in the workplace makes a small pocket to stick on their desk, in the lunch room or somewhere prominent. In the week leading up to Sprinkle a little Faery Dust day people are encouraged to write complimentary things on a piece of paper about the person and pop it in their pocket. Then open the pockets up and feel the love energy
18. leave some flowers or a small gift for someone anonymously.
19. Cook a meal from scratch for your friends.
20. Bake a cake to share
21. make something hand made (drawing, collage, sewing, whatever you feel) for someone else. Remember it is the love that goes into the gift, not the expertise with which it is made.
22. Read a story to a child
23. Play a game of tag, hop-scotch, ring a rosie or any other favourite childhood game.
24. Have a swing in the park with your friends
25. Leave a bigger than necessary tip
26. Say "thank you" and "have a wonderful day" to the person who makes your lunch time coffee
27. Post a "hug" and a love heart on all your face book friend's pages.
28. Tell someone what they mean to you and why they're special.
29. Donate to a charity
30. Offer to help out by completing a task for a colleague (If someone offered to do my playground duty for me, I would definitely have an amazing day after that *smile*)
31. Have a "Faery" morning tea party.
32. Play with your kids with the same enthusiasm they bring to the game. (Warning: sliding down the slide whilst laughing and whooping does become addictive)
33. Make a sign for your work space or home that has your favourite positive quote on it.
34. Encourage others to sprinkle faery dust.
35. Host a faery party for your friends and family, inviting them to dress up and bring along their positive energy.
36. Spend the day being enthusiastic about everything (genuinely) and seeing the silver lining...this will "infect" everyone around you.
37. Make some cards that say "I like you because..." and give them out. (Have some spares, once people see, they may want to play too)
38. Wear a ribbon in your hair or pinned to your shirt and when people ask you why you are wearing it, tell them its because you believe in miracles, magic and the wonder of our world.
39. Volunteer to help someone complete a distasteful task.
40. Take the time to notice the work of others.

Well, this list just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I am sure there are so many more I haven't even thought of yet. I'd love your help in reaching my goal of 100 acts of kindness for the day, so if you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them as a comment either here, or on our face book page.

It really is important to keep in mind that even the smallest gesture of kindness can have an IMMENSE impact on the recipient. Act with love, kindness and generosity whenever and wherever you can.

With love, light and hope in my heart

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