Friday, 4 November 2011

Operate from love

A request today from me to you. This is kind of a favour I am asking, and although it is a favour to me, I know it will also benefit you.

This is what I would like to ask of you...

Please sit quietly for a few moments in a cool and uninterrupted space. Close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling to the exclusion of everything else. When your mind feels free of clutter, have a "look" around inside of you and find the place (it won't take you long) where only pure love exists. Embrace that place, enter into the light of this place and let it fill you up to the top. Feel the warmth on your skin, the radiance you feel as it fills you up. Hold that energy within you until you feel it want to burst free, then hold on to it a little longer. When you feel the calm, love and beauty of the energy you hold within you, release it into the world. Push it from you and have it fill the whole area in which you sit. Send it past walls and fences into your neighbourhood, let it wash over everything and everyone that crosses the path of this wave. Keep sending this energy forth from you.

The favour then?

Remember this feeling and this place and every time you choose a path, choose it from this place. Every time you speak to others and most especially yourself, speak from this place. When you act, act from here.

We are human, but within us lies the same source as the divine. The joy, wonder, warmth and delight in connecting with the source of our own divinity leads us to the heights from which we have a fantastic vantage point to see, understand and view the beauty of creation, including the majesty that is us. When we act only from the place where pure love exists, and we share that energy without reserve and with full commitment with the world; well then, we feel the presence of our angels more clearly.

Thank you in advance for all of your help

With love and light


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