Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cave dwelling

A very strong reminder came to me in the last few days about self preservation, conservation of energy and protecting myself, my family and my dreams. The reminder is in relation to cave dwelling. I remembered that I am only one person (and a human being at that) and that the goal of uniting the world in love and forgiveness is not a task for an individual, it is a part of all of our life purposes.

So, when the time comes that I am feeling a little weary, heart hurt or otherwise "out of action" it is important to give myself the respect and consideration I would give to anyone else in this position. My advice to someone who told me they were a bit tired and worn out from their efforts? Well, I would tell them to rest, conserve their energy and go into "hiding" for a couple of days until they felt better.

Cave dwelling is really important. It gives me time to contemplate andf reflect in solitude, to have a bit of a 'round table discussion' and strategy meeting with my divine team, to restore my energy and balance and to protect myself from becoming a little bit worn out.

Cave dwelling is important to us all at one time or another.

For me, hidding in my cave means switching off the phone, staying at home in my safe little bubble, spending time with my family and close friends and doing only those things that are essential or that I am led to naturally (cooking, writing this post, playing with the kids...that's about it). It is a time where I am me, and only me, not any of the other roles I sometimes take on in order to fulfill my tasks.

When you are feeling a little worn down and in need of a break from the world, even if you are not sure why you feel this way, then honour what your body is telling you and avoid harsh situations, confrontation and excessive work. Be calm and quiet in solitude or with a few kindred spirits and allow yourself the courtesy of time out.

With love and light

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