Sunday, 6 November 2011

You can only see what you know

This seems to me to be a little bit like a "chicken and egg" conversation about which comes first *smile* yet, when I first heard the statement, "you can only see what you know" (I regret not being able to remember where I heard this statement first, because I would dearly love to give the wise one who told it to me the credit for it) it was a definite light bulb moment for me and sent me reeling. It completely opened my mind to a whole other perception.

My understanding of this statement is that the way we view the world is based upon our own perceptions of it and our life experiences. If you have only known pain and suffering, then I imagine that the world to you is about pain and suffering. If you have only known joy and laughter, then that is what the world seems to offer in your perception. To take this assumption one step further, if you KNOW and trust there is a divine team standing by your side through thick and thin, then this is also how you perceive the world.

I guess our own "knowing" is what informs all of our understandings and decisions about the world and our responses to people and situations in it. I think I have mentioned before that I always fall head first into political traps and the deception of others basically because I don't think this way; I NEVER see it coming when someone is working behind the scenes to undermine me or discredit me, until the "trap has sprung" so to speak. While I have learnt to be a little more wary, these actions still surprise me a great deal. I don't look for opportunities to elevate myself above others through any method, let alone deceitful ones, therefore I don't expect this behaviour from others. You could call me naive, after all, people who live totally from their ego exist; or, you could see that I only see what I know. In a way I am truly grateful to people who have sprung these kinds of traps on me, I breathe a great sigh of relief that I didn't see it coming and that I don't perceive the world in this way. *Happy dance*

Take a look for yourself at what you "know" and how you are perceiving the world. After all, what you think the most about, is definitely what you receive more of. Do you only see deceit, pain, embarrassment and suffering, or do you see love, laughter, beauty and the miracle of the divine or do you see a bit of both? Since you will only see what you know, you filter out everything else. If I get to choose my filter (and, blessedly I do), then I choose to have a filter that doesn't know anything at all about pain and suffering, believes in the miracles of our divine team, sees only love, laughter and light with a HUGE dollop of forgiveness for when I might be affected by other people's filters.

With huge amounts of love and light

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  1. I am laughing as I write this because so many serious members of the human race have instructed me that my world is not the 'real' world. Harumph to them, because I Do See My World Through My Perception. YAY.
    Thanks for recording this in such a beautiful way. xoxox