Monday, 7 November 2011

In harmony

One of the greatest steps I have taken on my journey was to find the harmony within myself and to develop my own relationship with the divine. We are influenced by so many things, however, it was through developing this very personal relationship with my divine team and really understanding my part and my heart in that relationship, that my strength, faith and trust grew.

There are many sources of perception about the divine, many who claim to be experts and others who decline any knowledge or even the existence of the divine which is their right of choice.

For myself, I prefer a more personal understanding. I don't speak for anyone else, I can only speak for myself and from my own heart, especially in regards to my perceptions of what it is to connect with the divine.

My team stands by me, I feel them always with me as a comfort and guide. I know them personally and would go as far as to call them friends. I know their names, their personalities and their particular way of doing things. I feel their (for want of a better word) interventions and know instinctively and intrinsically which of them is acting at any given time to offer support or comfort. The relationship I have with the divine is informal and without ceremony as I feel that my responses, reactions and the strong belief I have in my heart don't require ceremony. I am open to their love and protection and while at times I may doubt myself, I NEVER doubt my team and their complete understanding of the path and journey I am on.

So this is the relationship I have with the divine. No one has been able to dissuade or change that relationship, although some have tried; simply because it is MY relationship. I am in complete harmony with this relationship, it suits me, it makes me feel alive, comforted, strong, resilient, loved and protected; and this is exactly the way I feel that our divine team acts.

For you, this relationship may look different, and that is the way it should be, because you and I are different. The main point I think, to this post, is to reaffirm that no matter what your relationship with your divine team looks like or manifests as, the important thing is that you feel safe, loved, protected and trusting with your team.

As with all things this deeply personal (and can anyone deny that your relationship with the divine is about as personal as it gets) it is you who will lead and choose how this relationship sits with you. This relationship manifests itself in the way you feel guided and most comfortable with and no one is given permission to tell you that YOUR relationship is wrong. Those trying to tell you that you should pray in a particular way, or do particular things in relationship to this are really seeking for others to connect with their own way of thinking. This then becomes less about our connection to the divine, and more about "being right".

Every cell, every atom in your body knows of your connection to the divine. Seek your own relationship with your divine team and let your heart guide you to what feels right for you.

With love and light

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