Sunday, 30 October 2011

Whom do you look to?

You know there are times when it feels like all you want is someone to tell you you're OK, that everything will be fine, that you are beautiful and perfect and that you have made the right decision. Sometimes, all you need is someone else to have a little confidence in you and support you. When these moments come for you, who do you look to?

You see, unfortunately, some people haven't read the script so to speak; they don't know what you're really asking, which is just to be loved, comforted and supported. Those people then, may accidentally cause some hurt, because they think you are asking them to fix a problem or to criticise what you are doing or thinking or deciding. *sad face* I'm sure I am not the only person to have experienced this.

There is always someone who has read the script, and that is of course your divine team (you knew I was going to say that didn't you?) Just ask your team, they'll always say the right thing.

However, if it is human support you are looking for, then I suggest you choose carefully whom it is you look to for this kind of support. Beware the dream stealer's who might tell you the amazingly inspirational idea you've had is "silly" or "impractical". Maybe they are someone who thinks that if you need a moment of support that you're Just "being a sook" and need to get over it, or maybe they are even someone living and thinking totally from their ego and manage to turn your story into something about them.

It is important for us to connect to a loving and supportive human team as well as our divine team. I do think that it is equally important to choose that team with care. Make sure the people you have on your side love you as much as your divine team, and will support you when you need them to (and vice verca of course). You are too important, and your vision is too essential to the world community to allow someone to discourage you. Pick the "Yahoo" team; the ones who love you, and are willing to be your cheer squad when you need a little extra lift. If you come across someone who isn't able to be on the "yahoo team" then just choose not to share the total sum of you with them. It doesn't mean you can't be their friend, just that they cannot have the very special support role *smile*

With love and light

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