Sunday, 20 November 2011

Illness and resillience

Living  a life in perfect health is such a blessing, and one we often take for granted until something occurs to remind us of the bounty of being healthy; whether it is a common cold or a major injury. All of a sudden, we realise the gift of health we are given, and desperately wish for its return.

For me, the concept of illness is also about all of the other parts of self; our physical, spiritual, emotional and divine selves. All of these things combine to make us who we are, and all have an impact on each other.

At the times when my physical health is a little less than perfect, I immediately look also to the other aspects of me and see if some fine tuning, rest and increased protection is required.

A meditation I complete is to surround myself in green healing light and ask my team to fix any holes in my protective layer, to get rid of toxins (either physical or emotional) and to help my physical self heal in a timely and efficient manner. I also supplement this meditation witha request for my body to indicate what it needs to help me fuel the quickest possible recovery.

At the moment, after nursing my three year old through high temperatures and "unexplainable" symptoms for 4 days, my energy levels are a little low. My entire focus has been on his health and well being and in making sure his little body makes a swift recovery. Needless to say, this preoccupation was all consuming and has left me a little vulnerable myself. This morning I woke up with pain, temperature and other signs of illness, however, I had made a commitment to be at the markets promoting my books and art work, and there were still all of the other household duties that needed attending to! What was I to do?

My first job was to get through the morning. After setting up my pavilion, I sat quietly with my team and asked for a quick fix, with the added promise that i would rest when I got home. *smile* Immediately there was a lessening in the severity of the pain, I felt loving and comforting light around me, and an admonishment to follow through on my promise. My body told me immediately to consume large quantities of fruit, take some willow bark tea and to sleep. Having followed all of these instructions (other than the sleep) due to the wonderful abundance of fresh fruits at the markets today, I felt immediately better. Once I got home, I hit the pillows!!! The promised nap for a few hours and I woke up feeling like a new woman.

All the parts that make up us contribute to divine and perfect health; physical, mental and spiritual. It is through listening to the information we are given that we maintain our health and well being and through ignoring it that we find ourselves more susceptible to illness. If you are ill, ask your body what it needs to help aid a swift recovery, and then follow those directions! Sometimes your body will direct you to a medical professional, at other times it may give you the order to sleep, whatever it takes to return the balance.

With love and light

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