Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The power of belief

This morning I had the MOST amazing experience and I just have to share it with you. It was the most wonderful moment of understanding and I was gifted to be allowed to join in the moment with some very special people.

This morning I went to my local library to participate in story-time. This is an initiative of the library to encourage visits to the library and participation in reading (of which I am a BIG fan *smile*). I dressed in my favourite mermaid dress with strips of green cloth and pearls in my hair, I had a big meditation with my team, then I took my book, and my colouring in pictures and off I went to the library.

The first question I asked the beautiful group of little angels (about 20 odd) from my local primary school was, "Who believes in magic? Put your hands really high in the air." They all did which was fantastic, but it wasn't the hands in the air that got me, it was the breathlessness, the excitement, the joy and the wonder...that's what set my heart to bursting with joy. I then spent an enjoyable hour reading my mermaid story to them, hearing all of their amazing ideas surrounding ocean conservation, magic and some really important stuff. Then, we coloured in mermaid pictures together and I left feeling uplifted, full of hope and I carried their joy with me.

I am a believer already, this is quite obvious I am sure, but when I spoke to these delightful beings, listened intently to their words and truly immersed myself in their level of belief, I understood that what I considered belief doesn't hold a candle to their level of knowing!

The energy in the room was palpable.

The lesson I learnt today is that when it is sometimes difficult to remember, to believe and to have faith, look to the light our children have. Their level of knowing is astute, amazing and completely soul cleansing. Remember wasn't really that long ago; cast yourself back into your 6 year old self and remember what true knowing is/was then belief is not even a question.

With love and light

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