Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Where to now?

Maybe you have made the choice to live a life from love and forgiveness and to remove yourself from actions of ego; and maybe you have written a mission statement of the person you are in your divine self (there is an earlier post on this if you would like to know more); but I can almost feel the question forming, "Where to now? What do I do nexzt?"

Only you can actually answer that question with any acuracy. I am sure if you take a moment to listen to the sounds of your heart, you will actually know yourself.

Where I went after making such a life changing decision?...Well, I chose to start dreaming dreams. I dreamt of the life I chose to lead, of the successes I wished to have, of the people I wanted in my life, of the adventures I could foresee. I spent, and still spend, a lot of my time focused on "dreaming" the picture I wish to have.

This is not wasting time or spending undue time in dreaming the future so that I actually miss the present time; this is a conscious manifestation of my future. I have a folder and a wall chart that has pictures, words and symbols representing this future and the path I take to get there. It is constantly changing with the needs of my heart and the people around me; but it is constantly in my view. I spend time focusing my intentions, drawing on the opinions of my divine team, and consciously choosing actions that take me closer to that "dream".

We are limitless within our imagination. When we enter the land of dreams and imagination we can be or choose anything. These are the moments in time when we are closest to our divine selves and our divine team.

You will notice of course, that with all of this dreaming and imagining, that not once did I mention that I was focusing on things I don't want to have in my life, or on things I wish to "get rid" of? That's because giving these things any attention at all is giving it or them more of my energy than is warranted. I spend ALL of my precious dreaming and manifesting time on the things I desire most and that I want more of in my life.

Dream, and dream and just keep dreaming and acting towards your dreams until the dream becomes a reality.

With love and light

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