Saturday, 10 December 2011


Envy is an emotion very akin to resentment actually; I think they might even be second cousins or something like that since they can often resemble each other. Envy is that emotion that leads us to act from our egos, this feeling represents those moments when we are focused on the things, attitudes, behaviours, talents, etc that we don't think we possess.

The most important thing I have learnt, and learnt to apply to my life, is the knowledge that within me, encoded in the very tiniest parts that make up me, is all the knowledge, wisdom, talents, attitudes and skills I possess in order to live the perfect life! It's true, we're hard wired to be in constant connection with the divine and therefore have access to all the "things" we need in order to do the "things" we are here to do; to tap into our life's purpose and our divine team and to travel the path with joy and enthusiasm.

It is only human constructs like guilt, envy, resentment, judgement, fear and others like it, that lead us away from our true path.

Envy, like all of the other human constructs, is subject to our choices. We can look at someone else, at what they have or don't have, they way they choose to live their lives and we can want for the same things...nothing wrong with looking at someone else's life and saying, "hey, that would really work for me too." Instead of envying them their life and their choices though, we can far more productively use that energy into manifesting those same things into our own lives.

Rather than waste time on envy, I choose to use that time and energy into making my life as perfect as I perceive the lives of those I might possibly envy.

Remember as well, that each of us "fights our own battles", each of us walks our own path, and each of us has a very separate view and perception of the world. Those you envy may well be envious of you in return, and look at your life as a goal post for what they wish to achieve. Much better to look at what your life currently is like and choose gratitude for the gifts and abundance you have; spend time on manifesting, dreaming and imagining your future rather than wasting it on envy of others.

With love and light

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