Friday, 9 December 2011


I saw a statement the other day that I read and just totally understood and resonated said,

"Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die......" true is that?!

When we make the choice to resent someone or something, we are choosing to invest energy into an emotion that will eat us up from the inside like a slow acting poison. It is not healthy for us spiritually or physically to resent someone else or something else. This is a form of judgement and is limiting to our own ability to achieve great things.

When you think about it, if you resent someone, a lot of the time it is because they can do something or have done something that we would like to do ourselves. By resenting them for it, we are effectively saying to the universe, "I am unable to do the thing he/she did or does." So how does the universe respond? Well, it makes sure our intent comes true and we are in fact unable to do the "thing."

Alternatively, resenting someone for their actions, either towards you or to someone else, is signalling to the universe that you give their actions energy and therefore some kind of hold on you, and also that you are unwilling to forgive and cut the emotional ties to these actions. If you want to hold on to this kind of event, action or emotion so much that you are willing to put energy into it, the universe will respond by giving you more of the same actions to deal with for your very own...

When I find myself feeling resentment, I take a moment to actually verbalise that I wish to let go of this emotion, that I choose forgiveness instead, and I affirm to the universe and the divine that i can achieve anything I want to. As an added precaution (since I am inherently against slowly poisoning myself in this way *smile*) I give a little wave of my hand and say, "Cancel, clear, delete." thereby REALLY signalling to the universe that my intention was definitely NOT to serve myself up a big dose of resentment! Blah...doesn't taste good that's for sure, I'd rather take a dose of Castor oil than that, at least that might have some health benefits *smile*

Shelve resentment and transform it into love and forgiveness, it doesn't suit you and it definitely isn't in anyone's divine contract to slowly poison themselves like this.

With love and light

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