Sunday, 11 December 2011


Expectations are funny things really...they can lead us into all sorts of misunderstandings because we each have so many different views and perceptions and therefore expectations.

For instance, I expect that people will be kind, generous and loving; when I get very clear evidence that they are not...well, it hurts a little. The hurt then comes from my expectation, rather than from their actions, or maybe a little of both really.

Expectations is also another word we can use to describe the things, people and situations that we manifest into our lives. I put my intentions out to the universe, I am clear and concise in my intention and then, I expect that the divine will lend me assistance to make those "things" a reality. I expect them to happen, I expect that I will receive messages and signs to lead me along the way, and I expect that the road will be smooth and without conflict...then it happens bearing out my expectations.

Looking at both sides of this concept (the side where our expectations may lead to misunderstanding and hurt, and expectations that lead us to the life we wish to live) it could be a little confusing.

I think the two of these things are linked though.

Consciously examining my expectations has led me to understand that there are two main types; expectations about me and about my own life journey, and expectations in regards to others. Guess which ones are more beneficial? Yep...I knew you were smart, the expectations that ALWAYS lead to good things are the ones we make about ourselves and our own lives providing we expect positive things. Expectations we make about ourselves also have more "power" so to speak, than the ones we have in regards to others and therefore are more likely to manifest into a reality for us.

Walk through the world expecting there is love, light, forgiveness, signs from our divine team, a universe willing and able to assist us in our life's purpose, to walk through life with enthusiasm, joy and wonder at creation...and it will be so.

With love and light

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