Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nature offers her best

One of the things that strikes my creative side and fascinates me, is the healing properties of nature. Not just the feeling I get from being completely immersed in nature (especially a light drizzling rain like we have here today....so refreshing and cleansing) but also in the medicinal value and healing properties of plants.

My littlest child has been having nightmares lately, and it is a usual occurrence for him to pop in to bed with me at around 2.00am! While this may seem really cute and lovely, I assure you, being kicked, having my blanket stolen and basically shoved out of bed half way through my sleep patterns is not really cute *smile* at least, not after the fifth night in a row.

We have tried invoking Archangel Michael and Gabrielle to be with him as he sleeps, however lately, he has been saying, "They won't come, they're having their dinner," and other such excuses as to why his guardians don't seem to be arriving for him. So, on to another strategy...a cleansing of his room both physically and energetically . Still no go!

A beautiful light worker friend of mine suggested some type of essence or other smell or aroma therapy... Brilliant!

So, last night after he had fallen asleep, I crept into his room and dabbed a little lavender, mint and patchouli behind his ears and whispered sweet dreams and peaceful rest into his ear! YAY...I got all my sleep, no early morning visitor this morning.

Naturally, I will keep going with this kind of remedy and will change the flower scents that I use to ensure he sleeps well and breaks the cycle of waking in fright, but an excellent result just from something he could smell all night!!!!!

Our bodies are designed as perfect machines that "know" what is needed and when. Listening to and honouring cravings and impulses when it comes to your body is an easy way to begin in learning the healing properties of plants and in living in divine and perfect health for yourself. Your body will tell you what it needs if you ask, and it will even tell you if traditional medical assistance is needed too.

With love and light

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