Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I am a visual type person, I am far more comfortable in learning through seeing, I use pictorial messages and I understand information far better and far more quickly when there are pictures involved. Because of this, I can "trick" my brain into listening to my heart when necessary. It is such a cool tool to use, I thought I might share a bit about it.

This tool is especially useful I find, when I am re-training my brain to follow a pathway I wish to be on rather than wandering around with no idea *smile* For example, when I wanted to break down some of my barriers so that I wasn't quite so defensive and abrupt with people, and that my first response was to think people were "out to get me" or going to cause me pain (in other words, to ditch the victim mentality) I drew a picture of me breaking through a barrier with the mightiest of stunning "karate chops" *laugh* on the barrier I had written words like "fear, mistrust, defensiveness, anger, abruptness" and others like it. A symbolic representation of me defeating the barriers I had placed in my own way. I looked at the picture (and kept the image in my mind) every time I was walking into a situation that made me nervous or fearful. The message sunk in and I removed those barriers.

I also use "pictures" when I am meditating, clearing or healing. For example, when I lay down to sleep a couple of nights ago, my brain tried to recall all the embarrassing moments and all the "what if" scenarios from the last week or so. I sighed impatiently at my brain for trying this old trick, the envisaged a crystal structure surrounding me (a bit like the glass case Snow White was sealed in by the dwarfs after being poisoned by the witch) and 'heard' the sound of something hissing in to fill up the case. The substance coming in was healing and cleansing energy which I gratefully let permeate my body down to the cellular level. Within minutes I fell blissfully off to sleep.

I use pictures to affirm the situations I want for my life and to reinforce my goals and focus my intentions. I have a folder with images I have cut out of magazines, printed off the Internet and drawn myself that show places I wish to visit, things I wish to have, stories I'd like to write, meals I would like to create and other things like that. When I am feeling a little uncertain or feel my decisiveness wavering, out comes the "visualisation folder" and I regain my focus or change the pictures to more closely match my changing view.

I also use images for healing and cleansing and rejuvenating myself. Green is a really healing colour for me, so when I feel a little low I go outside and sit among the green of my garden. If this is not possible though, I wear green clothes, or I have a picture of a lush, green rainforest's on the wall, or I paint a green picture or the like.

All of these strategies feed into the concept that images have a great ability to influence our why not use them purposefully to create an outcome that works for you? We, as human beings, are far more likely to respond to pictures than to words no matter how well they're written or spoken. It does, however, work both ways. If I watch violent films, expose my brain to images that are saddening and horrifying, then I become uncomfortable, anxious and at times self-conscious and doubting. I am therefore careful about the visual stimulus I feed my brain.

Surround yourself with images of love, colour, light and beauty and inevitably, this is all you will be able to see.

With love and light

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