Thursday, 19 January 2012

Speak your truth...

One of the things that can seem a bit tricky at first is being able to speak your truth. I don't mean just blurting out whatever comes into your head, or telling people willy-nilly the judgements you have made about them or anything remotely like that.

What I am talking abut when I say, "Speak your truth" is honouring the commitments and promises you make to yourself and your divine team and not being afraid or hesitant to verbalise this message in some way when necessary.

For example, there are times when people have taken advantage of my giving nature and my wish to help and make people feel at ease and comfortable, and they have unwittingly made demands on my time and energy (sometimes deliberately too unfortunately) that I have felt obligated or pressured to honour. In this case, lovingly speaking my truth is to say, "I cannot help you this time, I have previously made commitments to do.....and this will not leave me enough time to help you with....." Without judgement, without guilt and without agression, I can speak my truth to those people now.

There are other times and other situations that may be a little trickier seeming than this too. Times when you find yourself witness to something that seems unjust or you witness something that is (in your perception) wrong. For example a work collegue who constantly brings negativity into the environment, is constantly complainging, denegrating others or otherwise injecting unharmonious vibes into the space. While it is tempting to pull them aside and give them a stern "talking to" about their actions, it is also important to remember that your view of this situation is in itself a judgement initially. To speak your truth, with love, kindness and forgiveness in this situation can be a little more work than at other times *smile* We are however, a global community, and if with love and forgiveness you can speak to someone like this and make them aware of how their actions affect those around them, then I beleive we should.

I hold the truth to be sacred, I cannot abide lies and have to remind myself constantly not to act with judgement towards people I know to have lied to me.  For me, this is about respect. If you have an opinion, you should be able to share that opinion with others without fear. If you feel you cannot share that oppinion because you are embarrassed or you think it might be offensive, take a look at it with objective eyes. If you think it might be offensive, it probably is. The saying that pushes my buttons, that teenagers use all the time is, "I'm sorry but..." I feel that if you have to apologise for the statement before you make it, there's a good chance you would be better off keeping it to yourself until you've really looked at it.

The most important time I believe we should ALWAYS and without fail tell the truth to, is when we are speaking to ourselves, after all, telling the truth is about loving and respecting the person you are communicating with.

With love and light

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