Saturday, 21 January 2012

Seeking Permission

One of the things we are conditioned to from infancy is the concept that we require permission to do things, to act in a certain way or to be a particular person. While in some ways this is not a bad thing, after all, how do children learn restraint, empathy for others, moderation and to self control if those things are not at first taught to them and enforced by the adults in their lives?

The problem comes when we are unable to let go of the notion that permission is required for everything as we reach adulthood ourselves. For some people, the notion that we need permission is so well ingrained, that even as an adult they still subconsciously feel the need to get permission before doing anything, especially for themselves.

Permission to be the person you want and choose to be, or to take actions to follow your life path as you feel is right is NOT necessary!

You don't need the permission of others in order to take a day off for yourself, to buy something you need or to take on a task you think is necessary etc. There should be no guilt attached to any of these actions because they don't match what others want for you!

Give YOURSELF permission to do any and all of these things if you feel compelled to ask permission. Write yourself a hall pass and allow yourself the freedom to do the things you feel are right for you without needed the permission or approval of others.

You are in charge of your life and your choices, only you can make the best decions for you and therefore you don't need permission from anyone else!

With love and light


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