Friday, 23 March 2012

The blessing of a moment

Feeling a little low and unenergised, I decided to nourish my soul with M&M's and a Julia Roberts movie (Eat Pray Love)...this was an amazingly fantastic idea except I ended up crying...well why not? Healing and nourishing the same as the chocolate and the film are. Then, I decided I wasn't writing a post today since I didn't feel inclined to do so, nor did I feel I had anything valuable to say, so I decided instead to look at my emails...this is what I read...

Good Morning (or perhaps afternoon) beautiful Lady!
Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how incredibly special, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, talented, extraordinary, stupendous, comforting, angelic, creative, intelligent, enlightening, fabulous, great, funny, ingenious, and a billion other cool things that you are!!!!
Hope you are having a terrific day
Love you

This gift, broke the dam! Cried till there was/is nothing left, then cried a bit more.

I lifted my head, took a deep breath and gave thanks for the beauty of the world, the amazingness of divine timing, the sensitivity of those around me, and the wonder of a few, simple words.

I remembered instantly...this is but a moment...and it can't last forever, nothing can.

I feel rested, cleansed and perfectly whole.

I would love for you to copy and paste these words and pass them forward, email them to a friend, tell them to a loved one, feel them and then pass them on. So, I pass this gift to all of you; I want to remind you that you are beautiful, amazing, wonderful and divine. 

With loving gratitude, 

with humble thanks

with love and light

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