Sunday, 25 March 2012

My cat; the gremlin slayer...

Sitting beside me as I work. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
Recently (just a few months ago) this little fluffy, mostly black kitten wandered into my courtyard, ran up to me like I was an old friend, cuddled, meowed hello...and hasn't left since. Guess she picked us and decided she was now our cat.

We found her previous owner and offered to bring her home, the owner made all the "right" sounds, but never came to get the cat...definitely looking like the cat is here to stay. *wry grin*

After that initial moment of cuddles and affection, she has turned into a VERY different cat; and tonight, I finally figured out why.

Our animal companions are great healers (this has been well documented) and often contract to come and help us. (Please refer back to a post called "Tigs the Cat" for an example of this in action.) So, with this in mind, I asked this cat what her name was/is and who she had come for. I got that flat look that cats are really good at, and absolutely cold silence. "Not me then," I thought to myself.

As time has progressed, she has systematically ripped my legs and arms to shreds, attacking me every time I walk past her, and even at times hunting me out. She has sat on the back of the couch and bitten my neck as though she is a panther dragging away her kill...she doesn't play...she HUNTS! To no one else does she behave this way, no one else is attacked, no one else is woken in the night with claws in the what's with this cat???????

Well, as it turns out, she is here for me.

We all carry bits of negative energy around sometimes, and we have ties, cords and connections to people acting negatively...I call these things gremlins. When the cat "whiskers" (named by the 4 year old) attacks me, she is taking those negative bits...I only noticed it today as she sat about thirty centimetres away from me all day randomly biting me. I had a pain in my hip, she bit me in the place I had pain several times. Then I noticed the pain was gone. She bit my legs, my arms, my shoulders...and now...I feel better, a LOT better.

My cat is not a nice, gentle, comforting healer...she's a gremlin slayer, the Van Helsing of the gremlin world...

Thanks whiskers

How awesome is this world!

With love and light


  1. Go The Gremlin Slayer. YAHOO
    Love this - thanks for sharing. xoxox

  2. She's pretty cool...we're working on reinterpreting the contract so that biting and scratching does not form part of the gremlin slaying :D