Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's never too late...

There are so many things it is never too late for...

It is never too late to have the happiness and complete abandonment of childhood. It is so easy to let yourself slip into play, to laugh sing and be mischievous as a child. To run and jump, to love eating chocolate for breakfast, to chase butterflies, to finger paint, to eat your Milo with a spoon and put mountains of topping on a giant bowl of ice-cream. No matter what your "real" childhood was like, it is never too late to create the memories and experiences that make up a fantastic childhood. Try it out...the joy you can experience from a single moment of complete abandon and freedom in silliness is worth the little bit of embarrassment you might perceive.

It is never too late to follow the path of your dreams. No matter what stage of life you are at, no matter what has gone CAN choose to change directions and make new decisions on the journey you would choose. In fact, a lot of these posts are about helping people to choose the path that suits them best.

It is never too late to ask the help of your divine team, to reconnect with the spiritual you and find the peace and beauty within yourself. To seek the truth and beauty of your own divine connection, and the trust and faith that you are protected always.

It is never too late for anything. 

If you can think of anything that you would choose to do, be or say, and the thought follows soon after, "It's too late..." well, it's NEVER too late. Chase down that dream, say what you need to say, do what you need to is never too late

With love and light

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