Saturday, 31 March 2012

Purging (again)

I am constantly reminded how when we are purging our physical space (cleaning and sorting and throwing out) we are also clearing away all the cords attached to those things and to the space. Our home space is really important, it is where we rest, recuperate and sleep...if for no other reason, this space needs to be cleared constantly. The great thing about cleaning is that it really requires no skills or specific set of instructions to do well (actually I believe this of all things relating to the spiritual...we don't need instructions, if it feels like the right thing to do, and it is done with love, then it is).

This morning, I woke with the feeling and insistent urging that it was time for a BIG clean. I sat down for my morning cup of tea and nearly had my toes bitten off by my little gremlin slayer, Whiskers. (If you'd like to read more about her, I wrote a post a couple of days ago relating to "My cat; the gremlin slayer) I got the hint; NOW!

I got out of my chair and began work. There was no system, no methodology, I went from room to room picking up, sorting out, throwing out, dusting and purging. Whiskers went with me "attacking" invisible things as we went. As I moved something away from the wall to clean behind it, she waited with the "I'm hunting" look on her little feline face. As soon as I moved the object far enough for her to squeeze in, in she went, dashing about madly, emerging after a few minutes covered in cobwebs and dust. In I went after her with broom, vacuum and mop. *laugh* it was such a fun game. 

After about 2 hours, the house was done (Since I have a small house and do this kind of clean every couple of months, we made short work of it)

My space feels SO much better, it smells of pine (I use pine oil, vinegar and water to clean) the warm autumn air has cleared out all the corners, (I live in the tropics), and I can sit down to type with a feeling of being refreshed and energised!

All things can carry attachments for us whether good or not so good. In the act of removing or rearranging the objects, we change our association with them. In doing this, we renew our contract and all past transactions go along with it. Each day I begin my contract anew, each night I cut ties to everything (even the positive things) that have happened during the day. Every few months, I purge my space and make sure there are no residual ties, gremlins lurking or negative energies around. 

This has made a HUGE difference in the way I feel in general. By choosing not to hold on to anything, it has made it far easier for me to let go of the need to totally control my life, and allow my divine team to assist me.

With love and light

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