Sunday, 1 April 2012

More surgery from the angelic realm...

Sometimes, as I am sitting there doing nothing, or sometimes something, I get this ringing in my ears and I tune out to the world around me. My mother actually had my hearing tested when I was little because she thought I had difficulty hearing. This never has discomforted me, or really inconvenienced me in any way shape or form. I thought this happened to everyone *smile* In the last few years, I consciously recognise these moments as the times when I am receiving "downloads" from my divine team. For a moment or two, I am there with them rather than they with me...awesome! 

I don't always "know" the information that has been downloaded at the time, however, later on I do something totally unexpected and have all of the information I require to do what's asked and then go..."Ahhhhh, so that was it." *laugh* Hey, at least I get it eventually!

I have had many of these moments lately, I think we are all being accelerated along our chosen paths and it is exciting and fantastic.

I'm getting to the point...don't worry *smile*

A few days ago, I saw a quote from Louise Hay that said, "I release the need to criticise, I am loving and accepting."

I smiled and felt all warm and fuzzy and awesome in that moment and went, "me too!" Then, download. I went off to work and being the last day of the term, my angels were a little human and unangelic and I found that on multiple occasions I was not only using some of my tried and tested responses to teenage negativity and criticisms of each other such as, "Just because you think it, doesn't mean it has to come out of your mouth," but also quite overtly saying, "repeat after me...I release the need to criticise, I am loving and accepting" This is not usually my style when working with these beautiful beings, I am generally far more subtle than that.

Later, when I got the "Ahhhhhh" moment, I realised that by making a commitment to this principle by agreeing and stating "Me too," I had opened the door for divine assistance in affirming this thought and feeling. All day I was given opportunities to repeat this thought over and over and watch as those beautiful beings processed and either responded or ignored it. In so doing, I was also undergoing my own angelic surgery in removing the parts of me that felt comfort, a need or just the humanness of criticising others.

Amazing how it works! Each time I write a post, I am reaffirming all those things I believe and know and am able to take another step forward, at the same time, others reading this post may have an, "Ahhh" moment and pass this info on to others, and then others, and then others.

Angels are so clever, they know we learn best by doing, and from each other. I am grateful for the ability to pass on what I discover and to learn from others.

With love and light

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