Wednesday, 16 May 2012

All you have to do....

These drawings literally emerge from my pen with no thought or design on my part. Each one carries a message and comes through the page for a specific purpose. Often, as I am drawing, there will be someone close by for whom the message is directed. More often than not, I hand them the picture with the written message once finished and then move on. A couple of people have chased me down on occasion to say thank you for the picture and the message thinking that it was me who was understanding and telling them what they needed to know.

However, it's not me!

The same with these posts! the point then...*smile*

This lovely faery lady has popped in to remind us all that we are not alone, there are a whole team of divine beings just waiting in the wings to help each and every one of us. They are kind, generous, forgiving, knowing, wise, beautiful, amazing, helpful, miraculous, stunning and awesome! Each and every one of us does indeed have a group of kindred spirits (if we're lucky, some other humans as well as divine beings) to support us, help, love, protect and help us forgive and all we have to do to receive this bounty?....just ask!

Our very respectful divine team will not intervene without our permission, they have far too many manners for that *laugh* and they also know how much value we as humans sometimes place on the concept of "struggling for" and "working hard for" what we desire in order to give "it" value. So, they will no violate our right to free will and all you have to do is ask.

This could be as simple as taking a moment to close your eyes, and silently send out the thought, "I am ready and willing for your help." It can be as simple or elaborate as you want, since it's your journey and your team you are talking to, it is up to you. You can't make a mistake, "do it wrong" or anything like that, so make it personal, and send the thought from your heart and it's all systems go.... *smile*

I'm a bit of a stubborn girl *grin* so the times when I ask for help the most is when I have walked away from my path a little (usually by not listening to my heart, or downright ignoring it) and I need a little guidance to set me right. I send a prayer for help when I feel tension and anxiety. I would much rather ask/pray/send my energy coursing along a path of support and love than spend my time in worry, stress and anxiety.

There is ALWAYS help available...all you need to do is ask.

With love and light

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