Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Happily ever after...

Happy endings...story telling...nothing makes me madder really, I mean really, in REALITY, when does any one live every moment "Happily ever after?" When is this Hollywood, romantic fiction ever born out...... who writes this stuff? A media trap made to make us feel like something is missing.... *smile*

Then I start thinking about the type of person I am in compared to those women in Hollywood/fairytale stories and I laugh and laugh and laugh...if I was ever handed a "Happily ever after" story like that one, you would hear me complaining for a month of Sundays because I wasn't challenged, was bored and had nothing to do *laugh*

Do I believe in happily ever after...of course I do *smile*

Happily ever after for me though, means interesting and stimulating people around me to have conversations with, who challenge my thinking, who are happy for me to be who I am, but don't always agree with my point of view. It is quite often through disagreements in view point, that I find myself challenging my own thought patterns and taking another look at my perspective.

Happily ever after is taking some chances and the thrilling, good kind of "fear" that means a leap into an exciting and unpredictable future full of adventures yet to be had; and sometimes too, unexpected outcomes and changes in direction.

Happily ever after is not necessarily a relationship with a person who adores and worships me...shudder...because that is not a balanced, harmonious and dynamic way of sharing either.

Bottom line is, when you scratch the surface of the life I live right now...it IS happily ever after *smile* I think, if you look a little deeper into your life right now, you may find there is a lot of your very own happily ever after going on too; especially as you walk the path your heart leads you on and shed the "obligations" and "conventions you need to in order to be following the path you contracted for. 

After all, this is the life you decided for yourself...you made it, and you are the one who can change it if it isn't suiting you right now.

With love and light

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