Monday, 14 May 2012

Giving permission

I found myself today, caught in a conversation with some senior students about their art topic of "Mind over matter", it seemed they could not settle on a meaning for this particular phrase and we were discussing the times we may have heard it. Suddenly it came up about people being mean to each other. I stated my belief that in order for someone's opinion, words, actions or anything else to have an impact on us, we have to first give them permission to do so. This then would be a case of mind over matter! This was a fantastic conversation and the students went off thinking about this...YAY.

What I have discovered over time though, is that if I ma not careful in the way I use words and my phrasing, that the universe has a way of testing how much I believe what I am saying *smile*

This afternoon, I found myself confronted by a couple of situations where the opinion, words and actions of another had impacted me short, I was furious about the way I had been spoken to. I was in a bit of a state really and about to walk the path of judgement...oh all right, I had both feet on the path and was fairly running down it *wry grin*

I went to speak to someone I trusted about the reaction I had and to ask advice in better handling this situation should it arise again rather than having to focus my entire attention away from the desire to cause harm. As I was recounting the incident, my stomach muscles clenched up tight (a sure sign I am carrying more with me than is good for angelic sign to step back, breathe and get perspective) and all of a sudden, the words popped out of my mouth, "I am being really judgemental aren't I?"

I had, despite all previous discussion, allowed the actions of someone else to lead me down a path of judgement and therefore having a massive impact on me both physically and emotionally. *sigh*

As soon as this thought popped into my head and out of my mouth I knew I had chosen a way not like my normal self and had given permission for the actions of someone else to impact me. I then took it all back. Made a conscious effort to forgive myself and the other person, to breathe and to let all those emotions go replacing them with love and kindness.

Instantly, my stomach muscles unclenched, I was no longer angry and was able to get a bit of perspective.

So lesson learnt...I withdraw permission for the acts of others to impact me in any way at all.

With love and light

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