Saturday, 12 May 2012

Set a goal...take a chance

At the moment I have been a little frustrated with "divine timing"; code word for having to be patient and wait while all things are in place and all that is left is for the moment to arrive. Angelic and divine timing is not quite as quick sometimes as my human expectations *laugh* 

Sometimes it feels as though I am halted, slowed down to a crawl or just no going anywhere at all. Usually these moments are when I am being the instruction to "just be" and let things unfold and live in the flow of the now. Which is easier said than done with a super efficient, super organised and slightly obsessive compulsive personality like mine *smile*

I take these times and moments to reflect and reset (where necessary) my goals. It is during these times I am reminded of how my conscious journey on this path began, and it all began with a goal, a dream, a vision. I imagined and saw myself writing stories, I even had a couple of "false" starts or practise runs really. All of a sudden though, after picturing this goal and then taking a chance by sending my work to a publisher (scary moment) I now have three published children's stories, I get to write these blog posts to amazing people, I get to appear in public with faery wings on (OK, I would have done this anyway *smile*) and still get to teach teenagers math skills! Life's good!

So there are a few moments here and there where things look a little tougher than I would have chosen; imagine though, if I had never taken the chance after setting the goal? If i had not had enough belief (barely at times, but that was enough) in my stories, my team and me? Then, none of these amazing things I get to spend my time doing, would be happening at all.

Set a goal for what you feel, what you can "see" and what you desire...then take a chance (it really isn't much of a risk) and believe in you!

I believe in you, and I have enough belief for both of us, so GO FOR IT!

With love and light

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