Saturday, 12 May 2012


There are sometimes people that come into and out of our lives that are not necessarily what we would choose. There are also situations that pop up from time to time that are also, not what we would necessarily choose.

A wise and beautiful friend of mine taught me the art of "smudging".

Smudging is kind of like rubbing your hand over the writing on a chalk board. It is still there, but the impact is lessened a great deal, the details are no longer distinct, and if you "smudge" long enough, the whole thing ceases to exist at all in your space.

So how does this work with people and places?

Well, when you find yourself in one of these situations, then imagine the smudging effect described above. Think loving and forgiving thoughts as you gently wipe away the impact. Remind yourself that you are not making a judgement about the people and situations involved; you are lovingly and with forgiveness, removing the impact that it/they had on you.

Over time, you will notice that people you "smudge" no longer seem to seek your company, you part ways in a natural and calm way with no conflict or anxiety. Their influence is removed, their impact made loving and you can move on again knowing that you dealt with love rather than antagonism and conflict.

With love and light

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