Friday, 18 May 2012

If you need an example...

If you need an example of a completely uninhibited being who is very close to their divine origin, who acts from a place of love and non-judgement and who loves and enjoys life 90% of the time, then I have the perfect being for you to observe....

Look to our children!

I am constantly left in a state of wonder at the "amazingness" which is our youth. My own children (of course *grin*) and also the students I teach and the children I randomly come into contact with down the street and just walking through our daily lives.

Children do not arrive on this earth with judgement, fear, anxiety or any of those other emotions...they are taught how to see those things. They are the PERFECT example of how to be close to our divine selves.

They are intuitive, imaginative, fun loving, free and creative. They laugh, sing and play for the majority of their lives. They are fantastic at entertaining themselves even if they have "nothing" with which to do that (evidenced by the ability to make a game up with the stones in the garden, or the paper off a present). They are rarely concerned with how "embarrassing" something is, they know what they want and just go out to get it, they don't understand the concept of "impossible" many little ones KNOW they can fly if they can only climb high enough? *laugh*

It is not too late for us either! So what if somewhere along the way someone or something taught us to feel fear, embarrassment, anxiety and judgement? We can just as easily abandon those feelings too.

If you want to feel a moment of pure bliss and remember what it was like to be so close to the divine within us that you can touch, laugh and sing, dance, jump, run and imagine as though you are still a child.

With love and light

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