Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Some "tough" days

I'm not sure about anyone else, but lately it seems, there have been some really...shall we say "interesting" days???? Lot's of "humanness", crazy things going on. Days like these I sometimes either "drag" myself through with a smile plastered to my face and a chant of, "I will not buy into this" going through my head or, I float through somewhere between faery land and earth.

I've thought about these days recently (since there have been a WHOLE lot of them) and while I have no real idea about the significance or purpose of these days, they all have a common denominator for me. 

As I travel further down the path of loving intent and my life's purpose, I am getting more and more sensitive, intuitive and empathic in many ways. Obviously then, when I am working and interacting in the world I work in, coming into contact with other humans *smile* I am far more susceptible to feeling their feelings and, if I am not careful, taking on their view point. So, these days have taught me to put in place some pretty serious shields!!! 

As I go to work, I ask Archangel Michael to put a barrier of purple light between myself and anyone who is stuck in the "negative zone" (terrible place, avoid it at all costs).  

Sometimes I carry my favourite crystal in a pocket as a reminder that I am protected and each time I touch it, it is a reminder to stay focused on love and forgiveness. 

As I return home from work, I "dump" or transform all the attachments that I have gathered throughout the day, cutting all the cords to interactions, people, places and situations...ALL of them, even the great ones, because in this way I can choose to remember without getting involved in the parts of my day I choose to.

Occasionally, something gets "up my nose" and I really want to talk it out with someone. I ring my friend, but always we have a time limit on the energy spent "venting"...let it go on too long, and venting becomes giving energy, time and attention to something better just cut loose.

As I shower, I imagine all the days experiences washing down the plug hole with the water, leaving me clean, fresh and with a clear mind.

I meditate, automatic write, burn incense, listen to music, bake, garden and any number of things all as a way of releasing the negative and making way for a fresh start and loving energy to fill me right up.

These days and moments occur, they're not really bad or good, they just are... So take the opportunity to shield yourself, cleanse, clear and delete negativity...practise makes perfect *smile*

With love and light

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