Monday, 21 May 2012

What do you present to the world?

Each and every day we present a "face" to the world; through our attitude, the way we treat others, the words we use, the way we deal with any and all situations. 

In that languid space between coming awake and getting out of bed I make a decision. I offer thanks for all the things in my life that inspire gratitude, I smile as the day begins and ask the help of my divine team to approach the world with positivity, love, forgiveness and light.

I get out of bed and begin the day's "work" and from this moment am aware, that every action, nuance and gesture are informing the people around me and in some way creating an influence.

You see, I know that attitudes are contagious. I know that I have the ability to influence those around me and the way in which that influence manifests itself is my choice. People I interact with daily will catch my enthusiasm and pass it on...

I choose to begin each and every day with thankfulness and a smile. I walk into the world each day projecting that gratitude and love for life even when (in fact especially when ) I am being challenged by circumstances and situations around me. 

No matter what my current situation is, I am alive, I am able to do most anything, and I have so many beautiful souls around me...what more do I need?

With love and light

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