Sunday, 8 July 2012

Breathe fire into your soul

This fellow popped out of the page as I sat at the markets sprinkling faery dust one day. He came with the message, "Find what breathes fire into your soul," and has quickly become one of the most popular cards. People buy them for themselves, for friends and loved ones. 
I think that deep down, we all know the truth that inside all of us is all the knowledge we will ever need to live a life that we deserve and that we wish for.

This all starts with passion!

When you engage in activities that you are passionate about, the difference is palpable. Your energy level is higher, your enthusiasm is genuine and attractive to others, your soul is nourished and you can function at a far higher level than when you are doing activities you don't feel passionate about.

Activities, issues and situations that make your soul sing, that fill your belly with the fire of purpose, that surround you with an air of enthusiasm and joy are your life's purpose. 

You can find these things by looking at the topics and activities that are constantly in your thoughts and that you think about often...they will call to you. Discover what stirs your soul and ignites your sense of purpose and then (and this is vital, so I hope you are paying close attention *smile*) make time for them. Maybe at first, you can only squeeze in an hour or two a week, maybe more or even less. Making time for the things you are passionate about is vital to living your dream, because it is these things, these passions that will lead you to the path you chose to travel.

Finding time for your passions is an essential investment in you, and the pay offs are unbelievable.

With love and light

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