Monday, 9 July 2012

Why don't you ask?

One thing I have never fully grasped is the concept of a hierarchy when it comes to the divine? I don't really understand why some people choose to believe that angels or any other divine entity think they are better than us or more worthy or in any way that something might be beneath the notice of our divine team? There's nothing wrong with this view point, I just don't understand it.

In my view, our divine team work with us towards common goals and to meet our contract (the one we agreed to before we came) and we act in concert, as a team, without judgement. Since this is my view point, then I don't feel there is ANYTHING I cannot ask for help with no matter how big or small it may seem.

Small things tend to seem big when we are in the middle of them anyway, so the "size" of a problem or situation is a matter of perspective, so why not ask?

There is no such thing as "asking too much" of your divine team. They are linked with us in order to help us with anything and everything. They are never "busy" helping someone else with something bigger, there is no one more important to them than you in the moment you need them. This is the decided advantage to being divine I would say; the ability to help everyone all at once! The divine is unlimited, the abundance and prosperity of our universe is infinite, so why not ask?

Great or small, our divine team is ready and willing to help us with anything!

With love and light

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