Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Release your need for everything

Sometimes, I know it has happened to you too *smile* the reality and situations I am manifesting just don't happen in the time that I have designated, in other words, not fast enough! Other than the factor of divine timing, where everything happens as and when it "should" for the most desirable outcome, there are some other factors that may be involved.

If you are trying too hard to make something happen, rather than just letting the situation unfold with trust and faith that all aspects are being taken care of, then this can actually low the process down. Trying to force the issue by trying to control it and "make" it happen may be one reason why your desires aren't materialising fast enough for you.

Do you doubt? Somewhere in your subconscious, or even in your conscious mind, you may doubt that you are either able to manifest your reality, or you question your worthiness for having all the things you desire. This will also slow down the process because the universe will act on your thought.

If you are trying to control HOW your desires manifest, this may also slow things down a bit. Have the intent and the outcome firmly fixed in your mind....this is the power of manifestation. However, trying to determine EXACTLY how each step is going to work and how, will act to slow down the process too.

Playing the blame game is a big one too! Blaming others for something "not working" (and this also includes blaming yourself) tends to focus on the now, rather than on the what will be. Anything that removes your focus from the outcome, is something that will also slow things down.

So, if any of the above things strike a cord for you and ring a few bells, then there is an amazingly simple solution that will work for ALL of them... surrender! Release your need to control everything other than the outcome. Keep your eyes on the prize so to speak, and leave the incidentals in the hands of the divine. I achieve this through a statement of intent (often repeated if necessary) along the lines of, "I release my need for control and I ask my team to guide and protect me in realising my dream." Nothing complex or earth shattering, just a statement of how I want my situation to be. Like I said, sometimes I have to repeat this statement a few times, sometimes I repeat it a lot, whatever words and number of repetitions work for you really. The important thing is to release the dream to the universe and let the divine take care of shaping the reality.

When you release a dream to the universe, you allow it to unfold with the guidance and assistance of the divine in the best way possible. If you try to force or control the dream, you tend to stall the process a little and allow anxiety, doubt and conflict to smoother the dream.

With love and light

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