Saturday, 7 July 2012

Surrender your fear

After cutting the cords to all situations, people and feelings that no longer serve me, I sometimes feel that there is more, that I want to do something else, because although I feel better, I still find I am fearful as well. 

Other than repeating the action of cord cutting, the best thing I have found for me is making a little ritual whereby I can release all my pain, negativity, fear and references to the past to my divine team to take care of. They are far better equipped and more emotionally removed so therefore better qualified to deal with any fears, stresses and worries I may have. *smile*

Instead of wresting, struggling and "battling" with my fears and pain (highly combative words) I choose instead to release them all to my team; a united and divine team working with me to achieve all I choose for myself.

One of the many ways I create this "ritual" is to write down all of the things I fear or that have caused me pain, even if it is just an indefinable feeling and I don't know for sure what the source is. Then, I burn the paper, as the smoke drifts up, I ask my team to take it all and relieve me of the burden so I may focus instead on divine and perfect health and living with joy and love. 

Another method is to place the paper in a hole in the garden, putting a rock on top of it. I ask the earth to take these fears, worries and pain from me and absorb it back into itself.

So many others, but essentially all the same.

Surrender all of your fears, worries and your pain to the divine; harmony is achieved through love not fear.

With love and light

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