Friday, 6 July 2012

Cord cutting...

One of the greatest things I have EVER learnt in terms of freeing myself from guilt, fear and a life driven through ego and need was cord cutting. Each time we come into contact with someone, have an experience (especially an emotionally charged one) or even just walking through the world, we form attachments that stay with us. I see these attachments as cords that tie us to the past, that anchor us in those experiences. Cutting those cords, and letting go of those experiences and emotions is a beautiful and freeing experience.

Now, your brain will try and tell you that holding on to those moments is how you protect yourself, remembering past pain is how to avoid further pain. In actual fact, the attraction principle applies here. By holding onto painful experiences and encounters, you are asking the universe to provide you with more or similar experiences.

Cutting the cords is a really simple thing to do. Sit in a quiet and safe place. Close your eyes to remove all outside stimulus and distraction then simply ask your divine team, angels, spirit, the universe, to remove the ties anchoring you to past pains and hurts. Let love wash over you, breathe deeply, and experience the calmness and lightness that will come over you. 

Repeat this process regularly. When I first relearned this truth/practise, I was cord cutting 5-6 times a day until my body developed a "muscle memory" for cord cutting. Now, as things occur, the cords are cut automatically.

By cutting the cords to our past, we adjust our awareness and conscious mind to thinking about love and harmonious things, therefore, that is what we will attract.

With love and light

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