Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Clear the way

I think at the moment, I am seriously under the influence of the romance angels *smile* every time I turn around, I seem to be getting signs and messages that originate from that source...fantastic, a lovely place to be.

This concept though, of clearing the way, can really be applied to all of our life experiences. I know for myself, I have often laboured under the "ghosts" of the past and have used these past experiences as a bit of a gauge and map for my future. Not helpful generally. While it is important to take from our past experiences the lessons that we have learnt, it isn't helpful to judge all future experiences based on the past.

Our thoughts on relationships are inevitably shaped by past relationships. Everything we felt, said and heard during a past relationship forms up a bit of a dam that stops new experiences from looking at new opportunities. Clearing that path is how we allow a new relationship, or new experience to happen without judgement. 

The key then, is to focus your entire attention to clearing the path, releasing painful experiences and beginning afresh. I like to visualise myself in a waterfall. As the water washes over me and surrounds me with light and healing energy, all the pain, humiliation, embarrassment and even the precious and enjoyable moments fall from me, washed away in healing purity. Sometimes, when the "stuff" I am clearing is particularly painful, I even stand in the shower to enhance the image.

Emerging from the waterfall is a new being who has no past experiences to inform or map out future experiences.

Open your heart, allow your divine team to enter with their healing and cleansing light, begin anew and revisit the wonder of the world.

With love and light

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