Monday, 30 July 2012

The "two wrongs" principle....

So, a lesson learnt the hard way for me (as usual) but one with far reaching benefits has been the "Two wrongs" principle. I know this is nothing new to all of you, you are aware in the core of your being about this concept and have heard it and even said it, multiple times! It bears repeating though, because this little human trap is an insidious one....

Two wrongs, do NOT make a people treat you is there karma, how you respond is yours....and many other versions of the same thing.

Let me give you some examples of how this little human trap can get you all unaware....

Ever had someone say something mean to you? (Of course, we all have) and HOW did you respond? Did you just accept what they said, saying nothing? Did you fume on the inside and then go home, call a friend and tell them all about it adding judgement and all the things you wish you had said/thought of in the heat of the moment? Did you fight back, fire with fire and the like? Did you do nothing and then tell everyone else what a "cow" the other person is behind their back? Well....the trap got you. 

Have you ever been cut off while driving? Did you show a rude gesture? Did you fume inside the car? Did you call out the window? Did you think, "What an arse"?...trap got you.

Insidious isn't it?

You see, most people think that "two wrongs don't make a right" is talking about what you do in the moment, about whether you do the same thing back as was done to you. In fact, the wrong doesn't have to be the same, it just has to be any form of judgement. 

Tough one isn't it?

So, how am I trying to train myself to respond? With silence and compassion. I am making it my habit (through repetition) to not only say nothing when someone is rude and horrible or does something wrong to me, I am making it my habit to pour love energy on the situation and forgive BEFORE judgement of the other person takes hold of me. I'll let you know how I get on *smile* 

What I have noticed is that while I am still hurt by the actions of others towards me, I do not add my own actions to it and therefore feel so much better. 

The more I practice the art of non-judgement and loving the all and the light in others, the less horrible behaviour I seem to receive from them.

With love and light

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