Sunday, 29 July 2012

What's it worth to you?

There have been times when my journey along the life path I have chosen has been stalled. The excuse? "I don't have the time I need." I do so many things; I am a teacher, a mother, a healer, just me, I grow my own food, I am an artist, a sister, a house cleaner (my own that is....sometimes *smile*) all of these things, and I have definitely been guilty of doing ALL of these things BEFORE doing anything else. 

Someone once commented to me, "You would need several life times to do all of the things you want to do." True, can't argue with that.

However, doing all of these different things doesn't actually prevent me from following my true life path and fulfilling the purpose for which I contracted in this life time. In theory....

What happens is, at times, I allow a lot of things to become a priority that aren't, I don't respect my own boundaries and say "no" even when I really want to, I allow other people to dictate the terms of how I spend my time, and I get suckered into procrastinating with things like looking through all the positive images on people's Facebook pages, reading a good novel, playing tetris (I really should uninstall this from my computer *laugh*) and a myriad of other, pleasant, yet distracting things.

When I find this happening, I ask myself one simple, yet effective, question, "What's it worth to you Roxanne?"

If the answer is that the particular activity I have been actively NOT doing is really important, then it is a matter of prioritising everything so that the majority of my time is spent doing that thing, whatever it may be. This includes, most importantly, time to just be me.

I wondered today actually, where the joy had gone. Sometimes, it seems not to be there because I am focusing all of my time on stuff I "should" do, rather than on stuff that brings love and joy to my heart. There HAS to be a balance between the two to my way of thinking.

Sometimes the things we think we "should" be doing are more important, why? The answer is because we are afraid of what people might say or think if we don't do them. My question to myself is the same, "What's it worth to you Roxanne?" with an amendment on this as well, "Why exactly, are you worrying about what OTHER people think or say?" 

You live YOUR life in YOUR way and using YOUR priorities regardless of the opinion of others, and pretty soon you get everything done in the right order, at the right time, and also (IMPORTANTLY) maintain the joy in life too.

With love and light

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