Thursday, 2 August 2012


At the moment, and I doubt I am the only one, there seems to be a massive amount of movement in the world. I am feeling a little bombarded, my days seem to speed by and I reel from one situation to the next without time to absorb anything. Then, at night, a monumental clearing effort, with my divine team working overtime to clear away all that happens during the days. Then I wake up....and do it all over again!

Times like these make me feel a little out of control, but in other ways make it easier to follow my impulses and intuitions. After all, if there is no time to stop and think about any thing, there is less chance that my brain will have time to get involved and mess everything up *smile*

While I am uncomfortable and tired, I think times like these are actually a time of "upgrading" where we are being put through basic training and will come out the other side with new understandings of the world around us and our personal situations.

So, while I do not relish these times, nor do I look forward to them, I can appreciate the efforts my team are going to to help me "upgrade" and keep me as safe as possible.

The only thing to do for me, is to honour my feelings, (if I'm tired, I go to bed, if I don't want to, then I don't, if I have to skim the surface for a while to conserve energy, then I will) and do whatever comes into my heart to do.

These times come and go, no matter what they represent or what is happening, they are only moments, and they will pass too. I am working on lettting go of the need to control everything, life is much simpler then *smile*

With love and light


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