Friday, 3 August 2012

My AMAZING ninjas

WOW! So I have just dragged myself home from my school's bi-yearly musical production. It is a mammoth effort including over 50 students from across the school (not a bad effort since we are a VERY small school) and quite a few staff as well. It's been a little tense at rehearsals, with people being really cranky, stressed and snappy at each other. The back stage crew (the ninjas *smile*) and I (The ginger ninja *laugh*) decided out environment was to be stress free. If we made a mistake, we fixed it and then payed out on each other unmercifully for it, if we started to stress, we stopped and "ninja breathed", that is lifted our hands from the earth drawing energy to our solar plexus, the on the exhale, pushing our hands away to release everything to the universe. We even surrounded a cast member who had a serious attack of the nerves and taught her to "ninja breathe". We laughed, carried on, participated in multiple shenanigans, and STILL managed to get the job done. Pretty soon, we found ourselves surrounded by cast wanting "in" on the fun. The ninjas (teenagers remember) wanted to be exclusive and not let the cast join in since there had been some unpleasantness and arrogance from a couple of members of the cast towards us. But, I managed to convince them to embrace all who wanted to join us, and that way, we'd ALL be having fun. I even instructed the ninjas to go around with lollipops before the performance and give them to the cast with their blessing and a wish for a great performance. 

So in short, today a whole group of teenagers learnt about the law of attraction (what you put out to the universe is what you will attract. They learnt about being the person who forgave and embraced and the beauty and power of that moment. They learnt that to dance, sing and be silly were not only great, but thoroughly beneficial in ANY situation. Finally they learnt how to breathe deeply to calm the nerves (I even watched them teach members of the cast how to do this without my instruction.

So, in a matter of a few hours, these amazing people learnt how to live from love and through their heart and then passed that lesson on to others. 

I am such a proud "ninja" in this moment *smile*

When life's tough and a little stressful, or you're being met with a bit of nastiness when you're only trying to help...laugh, sing, play, forgive and embrace.

With love and light

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