Saturday, 4 August 2012

The language of the universe

Today my four year old light worker was teaching me a game. In this game, he had names for all the things we were using and he was attempting to teach me this new language. I cannot tell you nay of it, because the words were so complex and he's not here to remind me (tucked up in dream land *smile*) but he NEVER got them wrong, never mixed them up or changed them around, he was quite simply speaking another language. He does this often, and when people ask me about it, I just shrug my shoulders and tell them he's speaking pixie *laugh* 

I asked him though, "What language are you speaking?" He replied, "The language of the universe Mum." With a tone of voice that suggested I may possibly be the slowest witted person on the face of the earth, as only four year old's can pull off with impunity. *laugh*

Upon further clarification, he informed me that the universe doesn't pay attention to sound, it only hears whats in your heart and in your head, so it really doesn't matter what sounds you use, so you may as well make them fun and silly. He said it a bit simpler than that, but this was his intent.


You know as adults we make things overly complex! 

It is simple, the sounds we use, the language we speak are not what impacts upon us the most, it is the pureness of thought, the passion in our hearts and the things we think the most about that the universe delivers more of.

Thanks for that reminder four year old! If you're making things too complex, ask a child what they would do, you'd be amazed at how insightful their response will be and you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself *smile*

With love and light

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