Monday, 6 August 2012

Wear an attitude for the day...

So a new game at school today...yep, that's right, a life lesson heading their way *smile* One of the parts of this job I love the most, the lessons learnt while I'm not even teaching! *laugh*

It was a BIG weekend in our small little town, as you may know from a post a couple of days ago, we had a massive community event. Monday today, and everyone seems really tired, snappy and irritable (myself included if I'm honest) and there were some unpleasant moments in my first class where the students had little to no patience with each other and just snapped a little. 

I decided we would play a game instead of "learning", after all, it was only a 35 minute lesson, and we had already used 10 of that 'calming down'. So I asked my senior students to imagine their attitude like a suit of clothing. I dared them to put their attitude "on" and see if they could wear it all lesson no matter what. Seems easy right? Being the type of day it seemed to be, given that they were all tired, most of the students took up the challenge and decided they were going to be in a bad mood since that's where they all were anyway. They figured they had a licence then to be nasty, snappy and irritable. (Trust me when I say I had a hard time keeping a straight face at this point) My students also dared me to "try on" a mood. I told them I would go with the flow, and be in a cranky mood too. There were a few uncertain looks at this point, since some of them have had experience of what it can be like when you put Miss Roberts in a bad mood....that doesn't end well.

Dutifully, students started snapping at each other, taking little pot shots at each other, generally being mean, however, it was bordering on the ridiculous. I had to tell several of them off for laughing (after all, this was not keeping to the challenge of maintaining the mood they themselves had CHOSEN). So we carried on in this fashion for the rest of the lesson. Towards the end of the lesson, as I was once again telling someone off for "changing their mood clothing", one particular student said, "This is really hard Miss." Keeping in role, I snapped, "What is?" The student laughed at me and said, "It's really hard to stay in a bad mood when you know you have chosen to be in one."

BINGO! That was the opening I was waiting for, and they didn't let me down, gorgeous souls. *smile* We then had about a minute or two's discussion about the fact that ALL moods are a CHOICE. You can pick and choose your mood/attitude like a set of clothes. You will find, that choosing the drab, cheap fabrics of a "bad mood" soon leaves you feeling really uncomfortable and unattractive, whereas choosing the bright, soft, well made fabrics of positivity and kindness stays comfortable all day! The best part of this lesson is what I call the "gossip/tell-tale"affect. By the end of first break, everyone in the school knew about the game and were trying on their attitudes and their mood *laugh* I love it when they teach each other....SO much more effective.

Your mood is a CHOICE! You can pick the mood fabric you wrap yourself in and wear around all day.

With love and light

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