Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What are you "buying in" to?

There are so many things in this universe that we actually DON"T have to participate in if we simply CHOOSE not to, and yet, time and time again, we either don't realise there is a choice, complain about the situation, or choose to be a part of a situation we loath????????

I think the main reason is that most people really don't have a clear understanding of the concept of choice and free will. We are ALL gifted with the ability to make decisions and choices about every facet of our existence, we choose the life we are currently leading, we choose the impact of ALL situations on us, and most importantly...we are the only ones who can choose differently for ourselves.

Let me give you a "for instance" *smile*

There are some people I don't particularly enjoy working with, I really don't find that we have a lot in common and our views of the world are SO conflicting that finding the similarities becomes an exercise in futility at times. One of these people has chosen to view this situation as a threat to her and immediately has gone on the defensive. She chooses to say nasty things about me behind my back, attempts regularly to manipulate myself, others and situations in order to attempt to make me look bad or incompetent, and she makes decisions that could, should I allow them to be, be quite detrimental to me and to my work. My choice? I don't buy it! I want NO part of the nastiness, I CHOOSE to ignore the veiled insults and the snide remarks, I refuse to get into the slam sessions with others experiencing the same situations, and I choose to move about the world without acknowledging any of the things she says or does which have a negative intent. Should I have chosen otherwise, and chosen to take her actions and her opinions of me personally, or even allowed myself to get on the defensive and to "put her back in her place" so to speak...well then, I am choosing her game with her rules, a game I have NO chance of winning and which has every chance of impacting on my sense of personal integrity and the work that I do. Any one who joins her in her slam sessions of me, very quickly finds themselves on the same list as she is on...that is the list of things I don't really care about *laugh*

I CHOOSE not to allow the actions, opinions, deeds and responses have anything to do with me. I CHOOSE freedom from being a slave to the impressions and actions of others. Quite simply, I CHOOSE not to care.

With love and light, and the knowledge that everything is a choice)

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