Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Clearing can be uncomfortable

For my body and self, as a full moon approaches, I seem to begin a clearing process. I don't know exactly why this happens this way or why, but never-the-less, it does happen *smile*

This process is somewhat uncomfortable at times and the worst part of it is that I am totally NOT in control of the situation *wry grin*

As I lay down to sleep, all manner of past experiences start to filter through my head, as I attempt to drift off to sleep, up they come...these could be things as long ago as 20 years (damn this wise one memory at times *laugh*) I call on Archangel Michael to cut all ties and cords to these situations and immediately they are gone, never to be revisited, however, at this particular time, one situation is replaced by another, and still another and I find I am spending several days feeling the emotion of past embarrassments, situations where I didn't do my best, where I was harmed or where I caused harm and the like. Truly uncomfortable. 

As I cut the ties, with the help of my divine team of course, I am uncomfortable for a few moments at a time (I haven't always been very nice *sad face*) but then I move on. At the end of these very uncomfortable few days, I feel much better. I consciously let go of all these situations and forgive myself my mistakes and others their mistakes. When the full moon arrives, I feel fresh and ready for a new start.

While forgiving yourself and clearing the path of past experiences may be uncomfortable for a few moments, it means we are getting ready to move forward...definitely worth it.

With love and light

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