Monday, 27 August 2012

Full circle

There is a reason that a circle has been seen as a mystic and important type of symbol across many religions through the ages. It is a symbol for mother earth, it is the halo, it is the yin and yang, it is the beginning and the ending and so many, many more things. A circle is the perfect representative for spirituality I think, no matter what your interpretation is....

When we get down to it, our lives really are a circle too. When I start to think about where I am going and the path I have chosen as well as the people in it, I visualise a circle. I "see" all the parts of that circle (kind of like a bicycle wheel) as important moments, one following the other. The reason for this visualisation is to remind myself that there are no mistakes, there are moments in time you may think you would have liked to turn out differently, there are moments where things seemed dull and bleak, there are moments when you (I) have been less than your (my) very best. In the end however, we return to the circle, we continue on our path and the place before is wiped as the next moment arrives.

Wow, that was a really long way of saying that there really is no need to focus our attention on moments where things did not work out well. Reason being, we will be presented with a similar moment sometime in the future and we are given the opportunity to try it again and this time, meet our own expectations and do it "the right way" (for us that is *smile*) This is why it is a little bit futile to constantly go over moments that weren't the best, or to rehash things that are negative. In doing this, we are making it highly likely that, when presented with the same, or similar situation again, we will do things the same way. The attraction principle mixed in with a few other things *laugh* If you focus on the way things were, you close yourself off to the way things could be.

With love and light

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