Sunday, 26 August 2012


All of life, the universe and most especially us, are made up of patterns. We revolve around patterns and routines, we make these patterns so we can recognise the world we are in, we construct these patterns to feel safe and comfortable. 

The only problem with patterns and routines is that sometimes they can be far more hindering than they are helpful. Following the same patterns constantly will keep you safe and comfortable...that's a guarantee...however, how do you grow, learn and experience?

the main difference between patterns we construct for ourselves and the patterns created by the universe is that the universe is far more flexible than we are. Plants and animals adapt to new environments, things that weren't come into existence and things that were go out. The universe is constantly shifting and moving with all that is's only we, of all the creatures and "things" in the universe that struggle with making changes to our well established patterns.

This brings to mind a statement my Granny used to make..."If nothing changes, then nothing changes." Now I know she didn't make this up, but she did say it woman my Gran. 

If you are unhappy with where you are currently, shake things up a little, change some well worn paths and go in a different direction for a bit. Start with something easy (so maybe you have something different for breakfast and go a different route to work) ease yourself into the "habit" of making changes to your structured routine and see where it leads you. Doing something different feels good, and even if it is only a small thing, it fills you with a sense of the new and gives you a taste of victory....then, you will find yourself in a place to take on some bigger changes and so on. Before you know it, you'll be making changes that, had you been asked to do a year ago, would have sent you into hysterics *smile* and you know what? It will feel and be fantastic!

Doing things differently is a great way to get to know the real you, the one that is not subject to circumstances and public opinion...give it a go!

With love and light

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