Saturday, 25 August 2012

Surround yourself

I was doing some research today in relationship to my "other job" *smile* and I read some amazing confirmation of the ideology I already practise. It seemed to me as I read though, that the information was pertinent to us all in our everyday lives.

The paper I was reading was targeting the concept of self-efficacy and the impact of this on student outcomes. Basically, self-efficacy is the understanding or judgement we make about our own ability to be successful in something whether it be solving a math problem, walking a tight rope or having a conversation with someone we just met. The paper went on to say that our belief in our ability to do something is paramount in creating a successful (or not) outcome.

Now this is nothing new to these posts...the concept that believing in and loving yourself are the first and most important steps to achieving your dreams and walking your path is almost a daily inclusion in any post *laugh*

The really interesting part came when the paper went on to discuss the way to assist students who had a low self-efficacy; students who have mental blocks to achieving success in certain areas. One of the strategies discussed was to create mastery tasks; small tasks within the ability of the person to achieve; they get a "taste" for success and their self belief goes up a notch or two. Gradually these tasks are increasing in difficulty and complexity and all unbeknown to them, all of a sudden they are completing tasks they thought were impossible. Cool! In relationship to our life path and our journey, this really highlights the thought that we just need to take one step at a time towards trust and faith in our divine team and our own ability to create the outcome we desire. As one of my favourite light workers would say, "Baby steps and stepping stones." *smile*

The REALLY interesting part came when the paper highlighted the need to surround the student (in this case ourselves) with positive role models for success. It highlighted the need for positive affirmation throughout the whole process and the celebration of success no matter how small! YES! I thought to myself as I read, validation for my teaching philosophy and also for my personal mission.

Surround yourself only with people who see the beauty and value that is you, who love you and support your  goals and dreams, who do not put you down or tell you that you are being silly or a dreamer, who will help you to celebrate your successes and will also protect you from yourself when you become overly critical and hard on yourself.

Surround yourself with loving and respectful beings and watch your self belief grow stronger and your strides more purposeful along your path.

With love and light

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