Wednesday, 22 August 2012

There is more

One of the things that have held me back the most is my own conception that "this is all there is" and if I am honest, the thought that "this was all I deserved". I thought I was being really clever by saying, "Whatever I did in my last life must have been pretty bad because the karma I am living through in this one is terrible." In some ways this was an attempt to comfort myself, to make it OK that I was in a pretty bad place, to justify the fact that I had not made decisions and taken actions to shift myself from where I was.

So, I am taking it upon myself now to let you know...there is SO MUCH MORE...there is far more to life than you may expect, there is also far more to you.

I LOVE it when people underestimate me *laugh* I love their preconceptions and opinions, it makes me laugh and is so incredibly funny. I don't feel the need to make that situation uncomfortable any more (well not out loud anyway, I still laugh about ti in my head) I don't feel it necessary to prove how wrong someone has been or is continuing to be about me's their call, their opinion.

I LOVE teenagers for their sayings if nothing else. When someone is making assumptions about a teenager that is totally wrong (well in my experience anyway) they respond with a very deadpan "Seems legit'" *laugh* A completely and appropriate response to my way of thinking. Maybe you have to hear one of them say it? A little passive aggressive maybe, but it completely fits the situation.

Look into your heart, if you feel a yearning or longing it is a great indicator to you that you KNOW there is more out there for you. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! You have not 'earned" penance or purgatory in a past life, you are not being made to suffer for something you did or did not do, there is no punishment with the divine...none...we do that to ourselves.

Take a look around you, feel your way to what makes you happy and start to make decisions that bring you closer to that. If you are in a position where you are uncertain about what you want or feel too low to decide, then give the whole situation over to your divine team. They contracted to help you, let them do it. Many a time I have heard myself utter, "Well I don't know, so I'm just going to let you guys deal with it please. I'm off line, contact me when we've been through the tough stuff and I'll start to pay attention to the world again. In the meantime, holiday in faery land for me thank you."

To "settle" for less is to not honour YOUR contract with the divine. You were designed to be happy, to love, to experience great joy. That love starts within you. Search it out, share it, love and have joy.

With love and light

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