Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Things I regret


end of post...tee hee hee.

I'm funny right? No really though, in total seriousness, why bother with regret? Like guilt and fear, regret is just another human construct; we invented this one ourselves and ALL three are very alike.

I divorced regret when I remembered that there is no such thing as a missed opportunity, that all transactions that happen have a purpose (even though nine out of ten times we may be unaware of the purpose *laugh*) that I have nothing to fear and nothing to loose.

Keeping these things firmly in my mind...I regret nothing.

The things I have done, or not done; the choices I have made, or not made...all of these things have worked to create the "me" that I am currently and to show me, at times, the "me" I would rather not be. How could I possibly regret those things even when the outcome was not exactly what I expected or desired?

While I may not have always made the best choices or acted in the most authentic way; while at times I have let my temper and my brain rule me; while at times I have been my most human rather than my most divine and at times I have put myself in situations where people have had the opportunity to treat me in the most appalling manner....I cannot regret any of these things. For while the journey may have been different without these moments, there may well have been others that were worse, or I may have taken longer to remember a lesson that I needed to know.

Regretting any of my choices and actions would be the same as regretting being me. Since I have made a commitment to being me, loving me and forgiving me, regret has no place in my life.

With love and light

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